Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Innocence found!

I heard an author talk about "losing your innocence" when you attain proficiency at something. You know how when you go to a new place you are amazed by every bird and tree, and you can't believe all these people aren't gazing adoringly at all the sights just like you are? They have lived there, gotten used to it, and "lost their innocence" about the place.

So I'm on a little vacation from mosaics, much as I love them, to try some new things! It's been an exciting couple of weeks with the new terrazzo job, making some linocuts, and now painting. I can feel my engines recharging, like a glass filling up with water. I'm loving this! I've regained my innocence!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Got the Job!

A little over a month ago I was selected as a finalist for a large public art project - a terrazzo floor design for a large event center. Last week I presented my proposal to the committee and I just found out that it has been selected! I'm so excited about it! Here is some background:

What is terrazzo? You have probably seen terrazzo many times and just not known the name. It's an epoxy floor with stone, granite, quartz, glass, or other aggregate like this:
By changing the color of the filler, and the color of the aggregate, you can create different looks and colors. The different colors are divided by aluminum strips.

The event center will host ballrooms, a conference center, and more, but the main attraction is a hockey arena. My floor design will wrap around the bowl of the arena. You can see the construction beginning over my shoulder on the left side of the photo. More info about the event center is at:

They were looking for a north woods feeling for this floor design. My design has three sections: earth, water, and sky. (I'm holding my design above.) You will see leaves of autumn in the earth section, like on a forest floor in fall. In the water area, you might spy a fish, a loon, or a beaver. The sky area shows Canadian Geese migrating south. It will incorporate brass inserts for the animals. More about that as it happens.

I will post updates of this project as it unfolds. I'm so excited!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marketing Yourself

This image is from a recent mosaic called "When One Door Closes, Another Opens". It's all about opportunities. I'm going to be talking about opportunities for marketing ourselves at our next Minnesota Mosaic Guild meeting. We are so lucky to have a great group of mosaicists that get together monthly to share ideas. Since my blog will be one of our sites to visit, I'm going to post the list of good websites and other ideas here. Some of these sites and books are suggested by Christine Brallier. If any of you has any other info to share, leave a comment. Thanks!

Marketing Yourself

Online: (share pics, learn from others, make friends, MMG group – highly recommended) (learn a lot here) (Minnesota only, all forms of art) (sell some things) (SAMA) (get yourself a website) (get yourself a blog) (meet other mosaicists, list your website) (good marketing advice) (sell your designs on mugs, shirts, etc…) (forum – ask questions, get answers!) (forum – ask questions, get answers!) (get published guaranteed) (forum) (cheap business cards, postcards, etc…)

•Google “Public art opportunities” or “call for artists” and find websites listing offerings
•Email signature (market yourself with every email you send)
•Crosslinking with friends and mosaic websites (you get found in google and on their sites)
(by the way, if you want to cross link with me, leave me your link in the comments area and I'll list your site here on my blog. You can link back to me at Thanks!)

Other ways to market yourself:
Galleries/shows (go to galleries and get on their mailing list)
Art Fairs
Private Commissions
Newsletters/brochures/business cards/placing ads/portfolios/notecards of your work
Mailing lists
Ask newspapers or magazines to write an article about you
Tax ID number, MN and Federal (you’ll need this for art fairs and some other opportunities)

Art Marketing 101
I’d Rather be in the Studio