Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Roseville Bandshell Medallion Completed

The Roseville Bandshell Medallion is complete and there was an unveiling on Sunday night. You can see the older post for details, but basically it was originally supposed to be a mosaic. I urged them to go this way instead (pigmented cement with bits of recycled glass) and everyone was happy with the result. I did the design and Concrete Arts did the fabrication. It should last for years to come! They painted a copy of the design on the back wall of the bandshell, too, which looked really nice. The misspelling was corrected and the repair is barely visible.

The dedication was really nice, with local dancers, orchestra, bands, speakers, etc... but it was really cold and a little drizzly at times. (note my frizzy hair!) But people were bundled up and having a fun time. In this picture it looks a little like no one wants to look at the medallion, so I'll just tell you that this was after the great unveiling (it was covered up and ceremoniously unveiled). Everyone clapped and oohed and ahhed and came up to look closely. It was cute because everyone toed around it but no one stepped on it except Frank Rog, the honoree, who stood in the middle of it for a photo. Very fitting!

The old medallion:

A close up of the glass chips: