Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review in Publishers Weekly

I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! My new book, "I Love You to Pieces!", got reviewed by Publishers Weekly, which is so incredible!! And it's a nice review!! Here it is... 

"Keith (Mosaic Zoo: An ABC Book) wisely keeps preciousness to a minimum in this sweet-natured look at animals’ devotion to their young. “Look” is the key word, since her striking stained glass mosaics are the book’s standout feature—it’s a medium that can’t help but echo the “pieces” referenced in the title and throughout Keith’s verse. Readers meet 15 parent-child animal pairs (foxes, armadillos, whales, crocodiles, and more) through variations on a repeating rhyme. “ ‘I love you to pieces, you’re my sweetie pie!’/ said the sheep to her lamb with a big happy sigh,” writes Keith. In the accompanying spread, the knock-kneed younger sheep smiles adoringly at its mother, as clouds of geometric glass shapes in creams, greens, blues, and browns create their woolly coats. While there are occasional hiccups in the lilt of Keith’s verse, the artistry she brings to her animal portraits—brightly colored squares on the breasts of her owl family resemble patchwork sweaters, while enamel painting gives her pigs speckled skin and faces that exude contentment—mark her as a real talent. All ages."

You can get it at HERE