Friday, May 29, 2009

Roseville Bandshell Medallion

The medallion has been installed! I did the design and Concrete Arts did the fabrication. It was originally going to be a mosaic, but after speaking to several experts, we decided to go with a pigmented concrete piece that has bits of recycled glass in it. It looks really nice, especially the image where the colored areas are separated by silver metal strips. The letters look a little rougher without the metal borders. The medallion is all dusty in the photo, and there were even tire tracks on it. I am so happy that this will be long lasting and durable and stand up to cold winters and tire tracks (unlike a mosaic)!

Unfortunately, the word Amphitheatre was spelled with an -er instead of an -re like the city wanted, so Concrete Arts is going to have to redo those two letters. My design was correct, however (whew!). There will be a dedication at 5:00 on Sunday, June 7. I'll be there enjoying the concert and if you live in the area, I'd love to see you!


cbmosaics said...

Great design, Barb! Nice to know it will be long lasting. Congrats!

connie - spizzimosaics said...

Looks great! Kudos to you!