Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gallery 360 show next Nov/Dec

I am working on a show for Gallery 360 that will be in Nov/Dec. It's a five foot show, so very small. The theme is Victorian Angels. I'm working on large pieces, like the one above (Magical Life) down to small ornaments.

People are always asking how I do the faces, so here it is: I photocopy clip art, paint it, and glue clear glass over the top. I did the bird a little differently - I screen printed the bird onto clear glass, then glued that over crumpled tinfoil. The wings are printed scrapbooking paper covered by clear tempered glass. The rest is all stained glass, surrounded by a border of gold mirrored glass.


cbmosaics said...

Looooove this piece! How many mosaics do you get to bring? Sounds like a fun show!

Barbara Benson Keith said...

Thanks, Christine! It's called a five foot show, which means I get five linear feet of wall space, about 10 feet high. I think this piece will got at the top, then a few vertical ones (just put one on flickr - the one with mille) under that, then maybe some small ones (maybe the ones on chains, then a tree with ornaments like I posted at the bottom). So not a whole lot more, but some replacement ones, too, hopefully!

Laura K. Aiken said...

Thank you for sharing this this technique Barbara. I have always wondered. Best to you