Monday, September 28, 2009

Class Quilt

Here is the beautiful result from our class! I took the photo outside on a cloudy day, so the iridescence really shows up well. Several students worked on most of the squares. There were only a few squares that weren't used because they were less than half done. I finished up a few squares that were nearly complete. These were all students that didn't know how to cut glass, and look what they did! You can tell they are artistic people.

The quilt will be donated to the Edina Art Center in Edina, Minnesota, where the conference was held.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Last weekend I was a presenter at the National Tile Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Living up to the "National" part of its name, I had only two students from Minnesota out of 80. My class introduced these fabulous tile artists to the art of mosaics. Although it was a lot of work (and some nerves once I found out there would be 40 students in my classes!) it went so well, was lots of fun, and everyone got a chance to work on a community mosaic!
This was part of my New Year's resolution to:
1) give a lecture - done in April
2) teach a mosaic class - done!

Now do I get to relax?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update on "Bad Hair Day"

Since I documented the creation of this mosaic, I thought I'd offer some follow up now that she is done. Bad Hair Day has taken up residence in the front window of a gallery. Hopefully she will catch someone's eye. But with hair like that...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Harriet at the Fair

Harriet has been spending the last couple of weeks at the Minnesota State Fair in the Fine Arts Exhibition. She's far from lonely - over 10, 000 visitors go through that building every day of the fair! Over 2500 people entered, only 370 got in. I've gotten two ribbons in the past (2004 and 2006), but since they changed from flat ribbons to the giant ruffly kind in 2008 I haven't gotten an award. I gotta get me a ruffly ribbon! Maybe next year...

Janine Irisarri, a fellow Minnesota Mosaic Guild member, also got in. I also saw a mosaic vase, but I think that was it for mosaics. Janine got one of those ruffly ribbons! Congrats!

I said goodbye to Harriet when I was at the fair the other day. Someone has purchased her so she'll move into her new home after the fair.