Friday, November 13, 2009

Selling on Ebay - Does it work?

I've listed four of my mosaics on Ebay. I put them on for very low prices in the hopes of clearing out some of my older work (above from L to R: Lily, Joy, Reaction, and Belle). This is a bit of an experiment. I'm not sure how successful Ebay is for selling artwork. Have any of you tried it? Did it work for you?


Crystal said...

I tried it a long time ago. My overall impression was that people shopping on Ebay are looking for a bargain, and usually aren't too interested in original art unless it's a collector's item. I'm very interested hearing how these do!

Barbara Benson Keith said...

Thanks, Crystal, That's kind of what I was thinking. These are super bargains, so maybe I can get rid of something! Original prices were in the $400 range. Don't know what else to do with older stuff. I've donated some pieces to charity raffles, but then what?

So far no nibbles on these. Hardly any views even!

Kim said...

I think I agree with Crystal here... I've not had good luck there as a buyer the last couple times I bought and find it is often more expensive than buying from a more trusted source, so I don't bother going any longer... Hope you sell though! Could you not just keep them?! :-)

Barbara Benson Keith said...

It looks like I will be keeping them after all since the sale ends tomorrow and there are no bids so far.

I bought a piece of art last month off of ebay that I love (Dan Casado's work).

Oh, well, it was worth a shot!