Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bluff Country Studio Art Tour 2010

Hi all! I couldn't find much posted on the web, so I thought I'd put out some info for those of you that would like to attend the art tour and might be out there searching for details. The dates for the 2010 Bluff Country Studio Art Tour are April 23, 24, and 25. The art tour covers SE Minnesota and extends a little into NE Iowa and SW Wisconsin. I will be at the Lanesboro Community Center in downtown Lanesboro, MN, with several other artists including - but not limited to - a potter, someone who turns wood, and someone who makes purses. Below is an image from the tour a couple years ago. This year I will be selling mosaics, books, fused glass, jewelry, notecards/postcards and paintings. It's nice to have more than a 10'x10' space - we get lots of room to spread out!

The art tour is a great way to see artists working in their shops, as well as groups of artists that have come together in groups like us. I'd love to invite people to my home studio, but my long, steep and narrow driveway won't allow two way traffic, so I'm thankful I can still participate in a group setting like this. I usually have pretty deep discounts on my older mosaics, even more so on the last day. Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mosaic Portrait of my Sister

This is a mosaic portrait of my sister. I started with the photo of my family below (after I reduced it to only black and white in Photoshop - originally it was a color photo). After sketching it out on my board, I decided on which two colors of glass I'd be using. I love this red because it has so much variation in the glass, and it's always been her favorite color. The dark brown is warm and went well with the red, and it added a good amount of dark contrast.
She opened it yesterday and loved it. I gave it to her and her husband, since my mom said she might feel funny hanging a big mosaic of herself up in her house. Funny, I'd have no problem hanging a big picture of me in my house! ;) By giving it to her husband, he can put it up and she doesn't have to say she hung it!