Friday, September 3, 2010

Bemidji Update

The very last section was poured this week! There are also some areas that are polished, and everything in between. It was very exciting to see the floor. Should be just a few more weeks and they will be finished. After everything is polished, they will add a sealer as the last step.

A loon diving for his dinner.

Much of the floor looks about like this hallway. Sprinkled with grit and ready for polishing.

This part of the floor has been polished. It's still very dirty and dusty, but nearly done! These steps come down from the arena seats.

Close up of some of the polished floor.

A sand hill crane. This area is not yet sanded down, so you see only the epoxy color.

Here is the very last section that was poured! It's still wet.

A few fish.

He's polishing the floor here.

This guy is polishing around the edges.

One last photo... I was driving around Bemidji and passed this sign!


Rebecca Collins said...

Wow. You must be really excited. How amazing to see such a large project come to fruition.

cbmosaics said...

Oh wow, it's getting close!! It's so exciting and I am waiting in great anticipation to see the finished pictures!