Sunday, August 7, 2011

Next Project

Here is my next project! I'm collaborating with Sister Ansgar Holmberg to create a large mosaic based on her painting for a new assisted living home. Here is her original painting:
This is the design (see below). It has the original painting in the center, but it's been extended by a circle to echo the interior design theme. There will also be a mosaic border, shown here only with the mustard color.
Here is the board. It is 5'9.5" square made of two layers of wedi board. I made it so the pieces are arranged so there are no straight lines all the way across. This will make it stronger.
I used an overhead projector to trace the design onto the board.
The center green space and all of the buildings will be on a 1/4" raised panel.
Getting started! I'm going to try to tame the greens with more yellow based greens.


Concetta said...

Wow! Stunning. How are you planning to hang it?

Barbara Benson Keith said...

I'm using french cleats on the back. Attach one to the piece pointing down and one to the wall pointing up, then it just hooks on. A frame will be attached to the wall then, but it doesn't support the piece, just decorative, (and keeps anyone from being able to lift it off the wall.)