Friday, January 25, 2013

Mayo Austin

Today I dropped by the newly remodeled Mayo Clinic in Austin to see my "Austin Nature Series" - five panels of stained glass mosaics. It's right in the main lobby near the front door, and it sparkles being located across from a wall of windows.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mother and Infant

Mother and Infant, 26"h x 30"w, stained glass mosaic with fusions and glass enamels (words are screen printed)

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Reaction to the Mosaics at Mayo Austin

This made my day, and actually brought a tear to my eye... It is someone's reaction to my artwork at the Mayo Austin center (the fox, otter, landscape, nest, and birds): 

"Next to the coffee bar, against the wall opposite the windows, I saw an amazing sight: five large glittering, shining, glowing pictures of nature scenes, made of colored glass shards. I could hardly believe my eyes, so fascinated was I by the effect of small pieces of glass in a wide range of colors arranged in transformed yet recognizable shapes. I read the information next to them: stained glass artist Barbara Keith lives in Lanesboro; the scenes depict actual observations made by Larry Dolphin, naturalist at our J.C.Hormel Nature Center. For example, a small red fox on his hind legs, swatting at a butterfly; an otter on his back in a stream, playing with a fish on his tummy; the brook with sunlight shattering on its ribbed surface. I don't recall the other scenes, but that's okay: I am going back. And not because I am sick. Au contraire! My reaction to these pictures: I stood there in awe and then realized that tears were running down my face. As if the artist had captured holiness and rendered it accessible to us for free."