Friday, January 11, 2013

A Reaction to the Mosaics at Mayo Austin

This made my day, and actually brought a tear to my eye... It is someone's reaction to my artwork at the Mayo Austin center (the fox, otter, landscape, nest, and birds): 

"Next to the coffee bar, against the wall opposite the windows, I saw an amazing sight: five large glittering, shining, glowing pictures of nature scenes, made of colored glass shards. I could hardly believe my eyes, so fascinated was I by the effect of small pieces of glass in a wide range of colors arranged in transformed yet recognizable shapes. I read the information next to them: stained glass artist Barbara Keith lives in Lanesboro; the scenes depict actual observations made by Larry Dolphin, naturalist at our J.C.Hormel Nature Center. For example, a small red fox on his hind legs, swatting at a butterfly; an otter on his back in a stream, playing with a fish on his tummy; the brook with sunlight shattering on its ribbed surface. I don't recall the other scenes, but that's okay: I am going back. And not because I am sick. Au contraire! My reaction to these pictures: I stood there in awe and then realized that tears were running down my face. As if the artist had captured holiness and rendered it accessible to us for free."


Rebecca Collins said...

How nice! When you are a professional artist you work and work and work. So often you work alone in your studio with nobody around to pat you on the back. How lovely for you to hear such wonderful praise. Well deserved of course.

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

What awesome feedback on your installation at Mayo Austin! How wonderful to know how your work touched someone's life.

Lori said...

That is so beautiful! congratulations I am so glad you got to hear that.