Friday, December 12, 2008

The Mosaic Zoo mosaics have sold!

The Mosaic Zoo: An ABC Book mosaics have sold! This is really wonderful news for several reasons...
1 They have been purchased by a hospital, so they will hopefully bring smiles to lots of children.
2 The hospital purchased the entire set, so there won't be any missing letters as kids go down the alphabet.
3 They have been sold!

Pictured, you see the mosaics taken down from their hooks at the Hopkins Center for the Arts where I had a show and they are awaiting pickup by the moving company.

I will be creating a few more mosaics for the hospital. I'll keep you posted!


Brit Hammer said...

AWESOME!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I had hoped they'd buy the entire series and they did! Yaay, Barb! xxoo Brit

Barbara Benson Keith said...

Thanks, Brit. I'm thrilled!!

rnjenny1 said...

Congrats-Thats quite a body of work and its wonderful they are staying together.