Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Mosaic Finished Today

The second of six mosaics was finished today, except for the grouting. I'll post pics after grouting and you can see the difference it makes. I love grouting, because it takes a piece like this and really finishes it off. I've started in on the third mosaic.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Commissioned Mosaics for Hospital

The same hospital that purchased the Mosaic Zoo series has commissioned me to do six more mosaics. I'm going to be posting work in progress shots here and describe the process.

It all started with some rough sketches, which had to be refined into some more presentable looking sketches for the committee. I've posted one of the designs in its rough and refined state.

After approval, I transferred the designs to wedi board in pencil. However, this particular design is large. They wanted it to be 30"h x 72" w. I like using wedi board because it is so much lighter than other substrates, however, it only comes in 60" widths. So I took thinner sizes and cut a six inch wide zig zag pattern in each. I glued them together so this is actually two layers thick and now 72" wide! The zig zag pattern is offset so they don't overlap. They are very stable, solid, and ready for tesserae!

One of the designs is a ladybug with the number one below it, in the style of my Mosaic Zoo series. I finished it this morning except for the grouting.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Mosaic Zoo mosaics have sold!

The Mosaic Zoo: An ABC Book mosaics have sold! This is really wonderful news for several reasons...
1 They have been purchased by a hospital, so they will hopefully bring smiles to lots of children.
2 The hospital purchased the entire set, so there won't be any missing letters as kids go down the alphabet.
3 They have been sold!

Pictured, you see the mosaics taken down from their hooks at the Hopkins Center for the Arts where I had a show and they are awaiting pickup by the moving company.

I will be creating a few more mosaics for the hospital. I'll keep you posted!