Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Bad Hair Day" is finished!

She's finished! (Detail above, scroll down to see the whole piece.)

Today I grouted the mosaic. It took me a little longer than usual because there were uneven pieces throughout. I average about an hour to grout a piece, this took about 1 hr 15 min. Total time was about 15 hours. The piece is 42"h x 12"w.

After grouting, I etched my signature in the glass and took photos. I always take the photos through photoshop to square them up (so the edges aren't crooked), crop them, and get them set for my website, which means making a drop shadow behind it and making a 1" button.

Now... what to do next...


GeminiAdventures said...


I'm a mosaic artist in the Boston area very new to mosaics and blogging. I came across your work and I absolutely love your designs! Feel free to check out my blog at:



pen said...

I am a mosaic artist in the Houston area. You have some awesome work.

How do you take only 15 hours to do such a large piece? I take so much longer. Something that large would take me 15 hours just to cut the glass.

Barbara Benson Keith said...

Thanks to both of you for writing! Pen, I used to be a lot slower, but I've gotten much faster since I've been doing it a while. Keep it up! :)