Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bemidji Update

Things at the event center are really progressing! It's so fun to see my design coming to life. Here are some photos from my visit yesterday. You can see that the terrazzo has been ground in some areas. This is very exciting - the aggregate in the epoxy mix shows now.
Here is a brass insert with the different colors of epoxy filled in and ground. We swished some dirty water over it to bring out the colors. This goose is flying over a sunset color.

Here you can see that the left side of this floor has been ground, but the right side is still unground. Later it will be grouted and polished which will make the color more vibrant. But this is a good demonstration of how the unground terrazzo only shows the epoxy color, while the ground part shows both epoxy and aggregate.
He's grouting this section to fill in the little air holes that might remain behind. You can get a sense of the colors, but the water is very dirty, so it does obscure the true color.

A close up of a bird, with a little section lightly moistened. The brass inserts are going to look amazing!

They have started in on the other side of the building as well. This side has no sky, but water. This loon is going after a few fish.

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cbmosaics said...

How exciting to see it all come to life!