Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Terrazzo Floor Update

It's always so exciting to see progress on the floor! The floor is basically a U shape with one arm out the side of the U. They have poured the floors for most of the U, and laid the strips for the last part of the U. They haven't done anything to the arm hallway yet. So the floor is in various stages, ranging from untouched to ready for buffing.

I think the most exciting thing I saw this time was the mirror bits sparkling in the water sections. The water is along a long wall of windows, so the mirror bits and mother of pearl chips are really going to pick up that light and shine!
Here the guys are mixing the different aggregate stones together. This mix goes in red epoxy.
Such a pretty Canadian Goose!
This grit is sprinkled on most of the floor. It will help with final buffing.
Trees with brass leaves/fruit.
Front entrance. This is the last part of the U shape that needs to be done.
The end of the U shape where the water starts. You can see the bottom right corner is unsanded. The rest of it has been sanded.
One of the fish. This is before the floor is sanded down. You can't see the aggregate mix at all, only the epoxy color.
Up close mirror bits! You can see there are little holes. Those get filled in with grout.
They added a little water so I could see how it shines! Wait until you see it!
Some little fish. One is still partially covered. Will be exposed fully with more sanding down.


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

This is such an awesome project! I love the fish.

cbmosaics said...

Fabulous, Barb! So exciting to see the progress. Can't wait to see it done!

Barbara Benson Keith said...

Eve, sorry, but I hit the wrong button and deleted your comment. Here it is: has left a new comment on your post "Terrazzo Floor Update":

I have always loved Terrazzo. It is fascinating to watch the process of it being installed.

Those trees are amazing!

Thanks Eve, Christine, and Sue! :)